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Ask Dr. Ada: Crying at School Drop Off

crying at school drop off

Dear Dr. Ada: I have a 4, soon to be 5-year-old, the oldest of 3 kids, who has been going to the same preschool for 3 years (since he was 2). EVERY SINGLE MORNING, without fail, no matter who takes him to school, no matter how early or late we get there, he cries for …

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Ask Dr. Ada: Boisterous 5 Year Old Boy

boisterous 5 year old boy

Dear Dr. Ada: My two sons, 5 and 3½, are both very physical, energetic, into fighting play, and they have a hard time sitting still, keeping their hands to themselves, etc. My boisterous 5 year old boy is going to kindergarten this year and I am worried that he is not going to respond well …

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Ask Dr. Ada: Early Reading Skills

Early Reading Skills

Dear Dr. Ada: My 4-year-old son knows how to read easy picture books and likes to take one of his books to preschool to read to his friends. His teacher told me I should discourage him from doing that because it’s important for him to participate in physical and the art and music activities which …

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Ask Dr. Ada: Choosing a Preschool

Dear Dr. Ada: We have just moved to a new area and are investigating preschools for our 4-year-old daughter. All of the preschools that we’ve encountered so far seem to have a strong academic emphasis, which worries us….. We need to find one that is more play oriented, so we’re considering just hiring an at-home …

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