Books by Dr. Anbar

When Love Meets Dementia:
Frontotemporal Degeneration FTD and the Family

Why would a brilliant 86 year-old man tell a loving wife of 61 years to never come back home? Why would he kick her out of their shared grave? Or make horrible allegations against his son?

Read the riveting first chapter "The Day That Changed My Life" here.

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The Drama of the Mother-Child Bond:
What Every Woman Should Know About Motherhood, Career and Children

What is the best environment for raising healthy and happy children to grow up to become productive independent adults?

The Drama of the Mother-Child Bond is my response to this question.

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The Secret of Natural Readers: How Preschool Children Learn to Read

How do some three and four year old children become capable readers without formal instruction? How can they do it? While many schoolchildren have difficulty with reading, these preschoolers find it easy. So what is the secret of their accomplishment?

“The Secret of Natural Readers” tells the story of six preschool children, all capable readers before age four with no formal instruction, illustrating how they acquired their early ability.

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How to Choose a Nursery School: A Parent’s Guide to Preschool Education

Many early childhood programs are available today – nursery schools, preschools, childcare centers – private, public and parochial. But what is good for one child is not necessarily good for another.

How do you decide which is the best program for your child?

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