The Drama of the Mother Child Bond

What Every Mother Should Know About Motherhood, Career and Children

The Drama of the Mother-Child Bondby Dr. Ada Anbar

What is the best environment for raising healthy and happy children to grow up to become productive independent adults?

The Drama of the Mother-Child Bond is my response to this question.

With today’s frequent conflict in mother-child relationships, many women have difficulty balancing a maternal role with their professional aspirations and demands. The Drama of the Mother-Child Bond brings the interwoven issues of motherhood and children’s early development into focus.

It discusses the basic needs of young children; examines women’s issues with motherhood, and it offers new insights for reflection and guidance. The book also outlines a transformative new solution for the conflict between motherhood and career.

The following issues are addressed in The Drama of the Mother Child Bond:

  • What is really the importance of children?
  • What is a good age to become a mother?
  • Does a woman need to have children when she can have a fulfilling life and career without motherhood?
  • Is it wise to establish a career before becoming a mother or first to have children and then establish a career?
  • Is marriage necessary for raising wholesome children?
  • What is the importance of parent-child attachment – or lack of it – in the early years?
  • The benefits of breast feeding
  • The importance of sensory stimulation and brain development in the early years.
  • The foundations of language development
  • Beginnings of discipline and moral development
  • Day care and young children’s development
  • A solution for the motherhood-career conflict

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