The Secret of Natural Readers

How Preschool Children Learn to Read

The Secret of Natural Readersby Dr. Ada Anbar

How do some three and four year old children become capable readers without formal instruction? How can they do it? While many schoolchildren have difficulty with reading, these preschoolers find it easy. So what is the secret of their accomplishment?

Based on an in-depth case study, “The Secret of Natural Readers” tells the story of six preschool children, all capable readers before age four with no formal instruction, illustrating how they acquired their early ability.

Rich with anecdotes depicting daily life scenes, a chronicled step-by-step account of their learning process is presented, showing there is much more to reading development than formal instruction or an unusual talent. The book affirms that in today’s literate environment, reading ability can begin to develop naturally, playfully, during routine daily activities, with no pressure and much fun.

Parents and caregivers ought to realize that most children start learning to read much as they learn to speak, through playful print interactions with their parents, older siblings or other adults, beginning in year one. This book reveals the secret of children who become accomplished readers before starting school.

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