How to Choose a Nursery School

A Parent’s Guide to Preschool Education

How to Choose a Nursery Schoolby Dr. Ada Anbar

Many early childhood programs are available today – nursery schools, preschools, childcare centers – private, public and parochial. But what is good for one child is not necessarily good for another. How do you decide which is the best program for your child?

In simple language and with vivid examples, the author guides parents to an understanding of how to make an intelligent and confident choice for their child. Dr. Anbar identifies four basic models of early childhood programs: the traditional American nursery school, the Montessori nursery school, the academically oriented preschool and the cognitively oriented program and compares their different philosophies and samples of daily schedules and activities.

The book also addresses the topics of play, when is a child ready for an early childhood program, the question of daycare, is preschool really needed, preschool education in other countries, and more.

An early childhood program can be a highly valuable experience in the life of a young child. Unfortunately, it can also be the source of many problems and frustrations if the match between child and program is not the right one. How to Choose a Nursery School guides parents how to find a program that will be the right match for their child.

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