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Mother Baby Separation after Birth

At what age can human babies be safely separated from their mother? What does nature have to say on this topic? Puppies are not supposed to be separated from their litter and mother before they are two months old; they may become aggressive unruly adult dogs if separated too early Fawns stay by their mother …

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Ask Dr. Ada: Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety

Dear Dr. Ada: Without warning, my son, 18 months, has started crying every time we go somewhere. He is also not comfortable with other people coming to our home. Our pediatrician has been kind, but unhelpful. How can we help him? Response: Your son manifests separation anxiety. He may have had some unpleasant experience at …

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Ask Dr. Ada: Crying at School Drop Off

crying at school drop off

Dear Dr. Ada: I have a 4, soon to be 5-year-old, the oldest of 3 kids, who has been going to the same preschool for 3 years (since he was 2). EVERY SINGLE MORNING, without fail, no matter who takes him to school, no matter how early or late we get there, he cries for …

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Ask Dr. Ada: Boisterous 5 Year Old Boy

boisterous 5 year old boy

Dear Dr. Ada: My two sons, 5 and 3½, are both very physical, energetic, into fighting play, and they have a hard time sitting still, keeping their hands to themselves, etc. My boisterous 5 year old boy is going to kindergarten this year and I am worried that he is not going to respond well …

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Ask Dr. Ada: Early Reading Skills

Early Reading Skills

Dear Dr. Ada: My 4-year-old son knows how to read easy picture books and likes to take one of his books to preschool to read to his friends. His teacher told me I should discourage him from doing that because it’s important for him to participate in physical and the art and music activities which …

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Ask Dr. Ada: Co-Sleeping Toddler

Co-Sleeping Toddler

Dear Dr. Ada: My 4-year-old son wants to sleep with me, bugging me night after night, and saying that he will marry me. Do I need to worry? Response: There is nothing to worry about this early childhood boyish wish; it is quite common. Hug your son and gently tell him that you love him …

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Ask Dr. Ada: Competitive Siblings

Competitive Siblings

Dear Dr. Ada: My 6-year-old daughter is very competitive with my 5-year-old son. She always wants to be first, and he is very gentle and always gives in to her. How should I handle this situation? Response: Find out from your daughter’s teacher how she is doing at school. If she has no difficulty with …

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Ask Dr. Ada: How Long to Stay Home with Baby

Stay at Home with Baby

Dear Dr. Ada: How long should I stay at home with my baby before returning to my full time work in a law office? Response: Ideally, a parent should stay home with a child for the first 2 to 3 years of life. This period is important for establishing a secure sense of attachment between …

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Ask Dr. Ada: Choosing a Preschool

Dear Dr. Ada: We have just moved to a new area and are investigating preschools for our 4-year-old daughter. All of the preschools that we’ve encountered so far seem to have a strong academic emphasis, which worries us….. We need to find one that is more play oriented, so we’re considering just hiring an at-home …

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More Psychopathic Individuals are Headed Our Way

We can no longer ignore the recent changes in American society and their effect on the development and behavior of America’s children. High divorce rates, single-parent homes, the rising use of daycare, teenage parenting, and drug use to name a few, are creating a perfect storm of youngsters who are unable to form close attachment …

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