When Love Meets Dementia

Frontotemporal Degeneration (FTD) and the Family

When Love Meets Dementiaby Dr. Ada Anbar

Why would a brilliant 86 year-old man tell a loving wife of 61 years to never come back home?

Why would he kick her out of their shared grave? Or make horrible allegations against his son?

Read the riveting story of FTD—FRONTO TEMPORAL DEGENERATION – a cruel brain disease that warps a person’s personality, judgment and relationships past the breaking point. A disease often misdiagnosed with a psychiatric problem, until recent medical innovations found the real cause—a degenerative process in the brain.

When Love Meets Dementia brings to life scenes from this disease, the physical and emotional toll on family members, the financial burden, and the difficulty in getting the diagnosis. The book offers information on prevention, treatment, and management, including examples of innovations in caregiving.

This book is a semi-memoir of my husband of 61 years. Although I am a child-development specialist and published author of three parenting books, I had to write When Love Meets Dementia to better understand the source of my husband’s bizarre behavior. This book will be of interest to physicians, caregivers, the aging population, and readers interested in family relations/memoirs, and women’s issues.

There may be many more aging individuals like Michael with strange behavior symptoms who maybe victims of FTD.

Frontotemporal Degeneration is now recognized as one of the most common forms of dementia in individuals under age 65, second only to Alzheimer’s.

When Love Meets Dementia is now available for purchase at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and other fine bookstores.

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