Ask Dr. Ada: Boisterous 5 Year Old Boy

boisterous 5 year old boyDear Dr. Ada:

My two sons, 5 and 3½, are both very physical, energetic, into fighting play, and they have a hard time sitting still, keeping their hands to themselves, etc.

My boisterous 5 year old boy is going to kindergarten this year and I am worried that he is not going to respond well to the more structured environment of elementary school.

What do you advise?


I have seen very active and physical preschoolers who learn to settle down in a structured kindergarten environment, when there is a good experienced teacher in charge. Maintain close communication with your son’s teacher, and make sure the boy has many opportunities to engage in gross motor activity at home to release his excessive energy. You may also discuss your concern with your son’s pediatrician, who is the one to determine if the child’s behavior requires any medication.

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