Mother Baby Separation after Birth

Mother-Baby-Separation-after-BirthAt what age can human babies be safely separated from their mother? What does nature have to say on this topic?

Puppies are not supposed to be separated from their litter and mother before they are two months old; they may become aggressive unruly adult dogs if separated too early

Fawns stay by their mother for their first two years.

Baby chimpanzees remain in continual physical contact with their mother their first year and close to her till age three.

At What Age Can Human Babies be Safely Separated from their Mother?

American culture is confused.

Mothers leave few-months-old babies in the care of strangers.

Child development experts warn about a rise in the number of children growing up sociopathic, and there is a floating concept of “Dead Mothers”.

The Drama of the Mother-Child Bond Deals with This Topic.

Drama-Mother-Child-Bond-tIt spotlights the basic needs of young children.

It addresses the needs of contemporary women.

It analyzes the conflict between the two.

It offers a novel solution how to mitigate this conflict.

The Drama of the Mother-Child Bond is a must read for any woman of childbearing age.

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