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Should Every Woman Become a Mother?

My short answer to this question is “no”. Not every woman should become a mother. One first needs to be ready for this all-encompassing, exhilarating, and life-giving experience. This answer, however, is not written in stone. It is fluid, subjective and prone to change. A woman who is not ready for motherhood at one point …

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Is Marriage Necessary?

With about a third of US children born every year to unwed mothers, is marriage necessary? Many young adults are asking themselves, “Why marry now? What’s so important about the marriage ceremony and certificate?” Especially when the social stigma of cohabitation and single parenthood are virtually gone. Arguments Against Marriage Middle-class men are apparently fearful …

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Daycare’s Illusion

Daycare's Ilusion

Preschoolers thrive on continuous individual relationships in a warm, stimulating environment. Spending long days in a daycare center is not the optimal environment for their development. A few hours – two to three times a week – beginning around age three, in a good center or preschool, will offer social and intellectual enrichment for children. …

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A Mother’s Job Description

A mother's job description

What is a mother’s actual job description? Why should a young, healthy, and energetic woman, often highly educated and professionally experienced, stay home for a few years with a new baby? Are the first two to three years of a child’s life worth a mother putting her own career and personal interests on hold? In …

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